Its been awhile…

So first off, I want to apologize for not posting in awhile 😦

I have been SO busy since I last posted, which was November. So I am going to catch you all up so you can be in the loop!

I went back to Chicago for Thanksgiving and happily finished my 2nd quarter with all A’s and one B. I then went home for Christmas/winter break. During my break I spent time with my family and close friends. I tried to stay warm when the temperature was -40 degrees. YES that’s right -40 degrees I wanted to cry, but my tears would freeze.

Break quickly ended and I then started my 3rd quarter at FIDM. The quarter went by slow at first and then quickly ended. I took many fun classes such as Fabric ID, Trends and Fashion Forecasting, and CAD, which I have a hate/love relationship with. I also had the opportunity to take on an internship. I currently intern at the Daniel Rainn showroom, it has been such a fun opportunity to see the wholesale side of the fashion industry. Lastly, I had the opportunity to attend MAGIC in Las Vegas. I got tickets through my school since I am apart of the Premier Product Development Group. There I got to see all the upcoming lines for spring/summer ’14, went to fashion shows and seminars. Between that and school I have been very busy! I ended the quarter/my first year with straight A’s which I am very proud of!

Currently I am on spring break and will start school again on April 10th. I was selected to intern for another company with their product development team so I am excited to begin that internship when I start the quarter!

Here are some pictures from my 2nd and 3rd quarter!


Chicago Christmas


Trying to stay warm…in style (:





Viva Las Vegas



I promise I will be posting more often!




2 thoughts on “Its been awhile…

  1. Thanks so much! Yes I am from a small town like 25 minutes from Chicago. That’s awesome you will be attending FIDM in the summer! I am studying Product Development!

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