What I Am Wearing

I cannot believe it is already almost the end of October! I am counting down the days till Thanksgiving, Christmas and then my birthday in January. For many living in the Midwest/East Coast the weather is already starting to get cool, however not in LA. The other day it was in the high eighties while other days it will be in the sixties. The weather is not the bad part, its what to wear that really messes with your wardrobe. Going to a fashion school (FIDM) one day everyone will be in their trendy summer clothes while the next day everyone is in head to toe layers. I officially give up haha


Crop Rib Tank: Nordstrom

Shorts: BCBG Generation

Flannel: Nordstrom

Shoes: Converse




Obsession #6

Timberland Trend…

So I have seen this trend SO much in LA. I was very hesitant about it but then the more I kept witnessing people wear these boots I slowly started to want a pair. FINALLY today I bought some, being completely honest they are not name brand Timberland boots but they are such good quality and I instantly fell in love once I tried them on. These boots are SO 90’s but I kinda love it. So many celebs have been spotted wearing this trend, especially one of my favorite Kardashians.


I really want to experiment with different looks I can pair the boots with and today it was the perfect temperature for an over sized sweater.


Sweater: Free People

Army Jacket: Rubbish

Boots: FILA



Back 2 School

I officially started my VERY last quarter at FIDM! I thought I would share my first day of school look with all of you. This past week I have been so busy, I have moved into a new apartment with my friend Drew. Be on the lookout for an apartment tour. Also, I am still interning at both Rachel Zoe and Chic Little Devil so that is keeping me busy. I can not believe I am in my very last quarter, time sure does fly.

Yes 1
yes 2

Top- Madewell

Necklace- Charming Charlies

Shorts – BCBG

Shoes- Steve Madden

Purse- Rebecca Minkoff

Watch- MARC by Marc Jacobs



Obsession #5

As I said in my last post, I have done a lot of summer shopping. Nordstrom had a huge sale these past few weekends and I took advantage of that. From shopping and going to FIDM, I am always noticing new trends and trying to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I have been obsessed with the knit sweater sleeveless crop top, and I have seen tons of celebrities and students at my school wearing them. I love the look and high neckline, along with how cute they look on. The 90’s is making a comeback and I love it!


Vanessa Hudgens literally makes anything look good.





Top- Nordstrom

Shorts- Forever 21

Ankle Boots- Express

Purse- Henri Bendel








“It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re 17 and planning for ‘someday’. And then quietly and without really realizing it, ‘someday’ is today. And then ‘someday’ is yesterday. And this is your life.”

Often times we lay awake at night. We lay with our minds running wild, running lists in our head, ideas, places, and events we wish would occur.

Many even think that maybe in the future we will reach that goal of what we truly want in life. For most of us these ideas, perceptions we feel and want are our distant ideas of happiness. We feel that once we do a certain thing in our life, or certain things, we can finally be happy. We think of things in the future that can ultimately make us happy, that can make us believe that one day we will be happy.

What people forget and don’t realize is that often times we don’t cherish the moments standing right in front of us, whether they be good or bad. We just keep our eyes and hearts moving forward by wanting and wishing for that day to feel truly happy. Wishing, ambition, goals are good, and wanting to reach that happiness is good.

But remember…

happiness is not a destination, it is an emotion. When will we realize that happiness is a simple emotion that we feel, not a destination we must reach.

“It doesn’t matter how you plan it. It doesn’t matter how you envision it. Without even knowing it, sometimes life has a way of finding you…with exactly what you need. Or exactly who you need.”

Just a thought.