Obsession #4

Hellooooo alll,

I have some exciting news!!

1. I am almost done with my fourth quarter at FIDM.

2. Summer break is just around the corner. This means more obsession/outfit posts and whatever else I feel like posting.

3. I have recently bought SOOO many new clothes and I can not wait to post them!!

School this quarter has been VERY crazy. I have been so busy with projects, homework and learning stupid photoshop. Also, I have been applying for various internships, so keep your fingers crossed!! I also have exciting plans this summer, I will be taking a trip to NY. There I am going to tour FIT and of course explore the city. I promise to document everything and post all about it. I am looking into going to FIT for my bachelors after FIDM, since I will only have my associates degree.

Anyways, on to my latest obsession!

The overized coat trend, is a trend we saw appear in winter, and is making its way through spring/summer. This trend is also known as “The man coat”. The oversized coat is shapeless and straight through the back and torso but it is structured on the shoulder and hip. However, do not mistaken “oversized” for poor fitting this is where the challenge is. An oversized coat has to look intentional, fashion forward and drape in just the right way. Basically, all of the Kardashians have been rocking this trend. Love them or hate them, they know how to wear this trend perfectly.




Below is my version of the trend. I found my oversized coat at Nordstrom Rack. I had to get it because it was the very last one, it was my size, and most importantly it was originally $150 and I bought it for $16. Any fashionista would not pass that up!!


Oversized coat- Nordstrom Rack

Harem Pants- Nordstrom

Crop Top- Nordstrom

Shoes- Macy’s